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What would our nation be like if we, the voters, began to identify with the unifying principles of the Bible more than we identify with one of the polarizing political parties?

What would our nation be like if we, the voters, asked every candidate in every primary and general election if they will pledge to protect life, support traditional marriage, and proudly proclaim that it is "In God We Trust"?

As Christian citizens, we should not be politically left or right, but vertically correct. It is not about right or left, but about right and wrong.

Our elections should not be a battle between parties, but a choice between governing principles.

Every candidate should be asked these three questions:

We, the voters, need to pledge that Every November we will only support a candidate who answers "yes" to all three of those questions.

If we are all endowed by our Creator with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then it is pretty self-evident that you have to have the right to life before you can experience your right to be happy in your liberty.

If the founding document of our government declares that we are all endowed with our basic rights by the Creator, then we don't want leaders in government who are in constant disagreement with the Creator's definition of marriage from Genesis to Revelation.

In the Old Testament, there is the history of Nehemiah and his work in the restoration of Jerusalem. In Nehemiah's time, every person was to rebuild the part of Jerusalem's wall which had been crumbling in front of their own home. By involving many people and delegating most of the work, Nehemiah was able to get the wall rebuilt in 52 days.

In our day, we can have a complete revolution in the complete state/local/federal election cycle of the United States, which is every 12 years. To accomplish this, we do not need to change people's political opinions - we just need to get people who already hold these political opinions to either be a candidate or support the candidates who do.

A political process cannot work when each side is more interested in creating a partisan advantage by pointing out their areas of disagreement rather than seeking out the overlapping points of mutual interest upon which they can agree.

The common people will not be represented in the halls of power if they always leave it up to the political elites to decide who will or will not run for office.

Our goal should be to have pro-life, pro-marriage, Christ-centered candidates in both parties, for every office, every November.